Exam Registration Form
for April 27th & 28th exams is open only for Payment.

Please register for the exam after 3 days if you have done the enrolment today.


Last date for filling exam registration form for April 2019 exams @ Exam fee - 1100 per exam : March 19,2019 (Tuesday) 4PM
Last date to pay exam fees of Rs 1100 per exam (for those registered before March 19 4pm) : March 20, 2019 (Wednesday) 10AM
Extended last date for filling exam registration form @ Rs 1500 per exam : March 22,2019 (Friday) 10AM
Extended last date to pay exam fees @Rs 1500 per exam : March 22,2019 (Friday) 5PM


In case, if you are not able to login please try on below options:

1. Clear browser cache (Ctrl+ Shift + Delete)
2. Try opening in incognito browser
3. Try opening in Firefox browser.
Even after, trying all above options if you face problem please write to us at support@nptel.iitm.ac.in

January - April 2019 NPTEL exams - Please read the below instructions carefully before registering.

  1. Exam dates: 31 March, 27 April and 28 April; FN session - 9am to 12noon; AN session - 2pm to 5pm
  2. Only those candidates who have enrolled to any courses given in this list January - April 2019 courses.pdf will be able to register for exams. Please check the list for courses that have exams on 31 March, 27 April and 28 April in case of doubts.
  3. Please use the same email id and password that is linked to your google enabled account with which you have enrolled in the courses. Assignment scores mapped to this id alone will be taken for calculating the final score.
  4. You can register for a maximum of 6 course exams through this form. 2 exams on Mar 31 and 4 exams on April 27,28. Choose your courses according to this schedule.
  5. If you have declared yourself as a faculty or student during enrollment, the form will be pre-loaded with this information and this cannot be edited. If the details are incorrect, please write to noc@nptel.iitm.ac.in and we will make the change and inform you.
    If you are paying fee via Local chapter of your college: Please select payment as "Pay via SPOC of my college". Please hand over the fees to the SPOC. If the SPOC rejects your request, we will inform you and only if you pay directly will the registration be confirmed.
  7. Check the landing page for details on last dates for registration and payment.