Please read the below Instructions carefully before registering.

  1. Only those candidates who have enrolled to the 10-hour/40-hour courses in the NPTEL Open online courses portal can login to the exam registration form.
  2. Please use the same email id and password that is linked to your google enabled account with which you have enrolled in the courses.
  3. "Registration open for April 24th/April 30th 2016" - This exam registration form is to register in the April 24th/ April 30th exams to be held from 2 PM to 5 PM.You can register for a maximum of 2 course exams through this form. The list of courses which are available on these dates are:
  4. LAST DATE for Exam registration for April exams is April 1st 2016 5 PM
  5. FOR CANDIDATES WHO ARE PAYING VIA THE LOCAL CHAPTER OF YOUR COLLEGE:- If you are paying fee via Local chapter of your college using the DD option, ONLY After the SPOC of your college has finished uploading the Bulk-Payment details for the March / April exam, please come to the respective form (After 1 day) and add your signature, photo and certificate (in case of SC/ST). This step is mandatory for generating the hall ticket.
  6. FOR CANDIDATES WHO HAVE GOT SCHOLARSHIP VIA YOUR LOCAL CHAPTER - INDIVIDUAL PAYMENT: - Students who have got scholarship via NPTEL local chapter but want to pay individually can use this form. While doing so the reduced fee will automatically apply.
  7. For students who plan to write certification exams for the 17 10-Hour courses that are starting March 14th 2016, the exam dates are the same as the 40-Hr courses i.e on April 24th/ April 30th 2016 - but the registration form is the same.
  8. The exam dates - April 24th/ April 30th 2016 is for all the 35 Courses ( 18 40-hr courses and 17 10-Hr courses), so choose the certification exams you want to write wisely.